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KERKIS ECHO is an artistic-philosophical discourse community on Samos.


About Kerkis echo

Its goal is to build an international, poetic community of thought on Mount Kerkis overlooking the Aegean Sea, surrounded by the spiritual aura of Pythagoras.

Artists, writers, philosophers, filmmakers, architects and visionaries of all kinds are to enter into dialogue with each other in order to develop interdisciplinary project ideas together with the people of the small mountain town of Marathokampos.

KERKIS ECHO is intended as a lucid experimental laboratory, an aesthetic and intellectual testing ground. It follows in the tradition of legendary mountain collectives such as Monte Verita in Switzerland (1900-1920) and Black Mountain College in the USA (1933-1957). A condensation of intellectual, artistic voices to echo from the Kerkis back into the world.


opening event: Kritamon oracle

For the opening Kritamon Oracle will convene a group of international visual and performing artists and musicians from multiple backgrounds who will present a dense program of interventions and live performances in various indoor and outdoor locations in Marathokampos on the Greek island Samos.


Participating artists are: Tatjana Vall, Justin Urbach, Gülbin Ünlü, Katrin Savvulidi, Susi Gelb, Niko Abramidis & NE, Pollyester, Xenofon Giannoulis (aka Fonda Mentalism), Anastasia Tsoukala (aka Nouvelle) and Mikko Gaestel. An oracle describes at the same time the event, the message, the person, the place and the magic of cumulating circumstances. In relation to time and space, from ideas of beauty and destruction to future-uncertainty Kritamon Oracle will activate stories as well as envisioned ideas, floating between the actual artistic production and the very sensitive reception of our present time. Kritamo is a wild succulent plant which grows along the rocky coastlines of the Aegean and thrives in the reach of spume. It is aromatic and rich in Vitamin C. In the same way as Kritamo finds suitable grounds to grow on roughest surfaces, site-specific interventions and performances will emerge in the village of Marathokampos. Hybrid formats of art, interventions, sculptures and new media works will be melted with local discoveries, references to Ancient Greece, Pythagoras‘ mathematics and the flora and fauna of Samos.



Παλαιά Αγορά / Old Market, Lakka Square
Marathokampos village
GR – Samos

Free bus shuttle from Kampos to Marathokampos village
Open by appointment on August 3 and 5 after 7pm (info@easyupstream.com)

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